API Documentation

Data API Build your apps with INSTANTMARKETCAP API Coins GET /api/coins/ instantmarketcap.com/api/coins Description Get all cryptocurrencies active on database. GET /api/coins/trends/{top?} Instant market cap.com/api/coins/trends/{top?} URL Params: top int Lists limit (default: 10) Description Get trending (gainers and losers) cryptocurrencies. Charts GET /api/chart_data/{slug}/{days}/{currency?} URL Params: slug string Cryptocurrency's slug days int Number of days currency string Exchange currency ID (default: USD) Description Get chart data for a given cryptocurrency. Exchange Rates GET /api/rates/ Description Get all rates information (base USD) GET /api/rates/fx Description Get rates values with (base USD). Exchanges GET /api/exchanges/ Description Get exchanges list with full information and ordered by 24h trading volume. Services GET /api/services/ Description Get services list with full information. Mining Equipment GET /api/mining_equipment/ Description Get all mining equipments information.